Chapters Reed Diffusers.

How to’s, making the most of and general safety.

Chapters Reed Diffusers add a touch of luxe by subtly and continually scenting your home, adding a fragranced ambiance to your space.

The fragrance is dispersed through the natural rattan reeds so we recommend that you use all the reeds provided to ensure optimum fragrance throw. Should you wish to reduce the fragrance intensity, simply use fewer reeds.


 How to use your Reed Diffuser.

  • Remove the silver collar and the stopper.
  • Place your reeds into the bottle and replace the silver collar. (You may want to hold onto your stopper to close the bottle again should you be going away for an extended period, so as to not waste your fragrance!)
  • Our Reed Diffusers use rattan reeds which are naturally porous, allowing for gradual absorption of the fragrance.
  • Flip your reeds the following day to speed up the saturation. Thereafter, we recommend flipping them every couple of weeks to give the fragrance diffusion a nice boost.
  • When rotating the reeds, take special care to protect the surface that your diffuser is on to ensure no liquid damages. It is best to always place your diffuser on a protective plate.


Getting the most out of your Reed Diffuser:

Placement is important – consider high traffic areas at average height, as the flow of air helps to lift and disperse the fragrance. Open windows or in front of fans are not idea spots – this type of air flow will not be effective and will use up the fragrance must faster.

Subtle heat helps to move fragrance too, so warmth will help to increase your scent throw. During cooler months you may find that your diffuser isn’t as strong – simply move your diffuser to a warmer area that gets a bit of sunlight.

Note, however, that increased heat distributes fragrance more readily so will use up more fragrance. We recommend that you keep your diffuser away from artificial heating such as heaters and radiators.

Lastly, combine your Reed Diffuser with its matching Scented Candle to enhance your fragrance experience! 


General Safety when using a Reed Diffuser:

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not light the reeds and keep away from open flames.
  • If spilt, clean the area immediately to prevent damages.